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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find answers to all your questions right here in the South Beach Bingo Frequently Asked Questions Section! 

Getting Started

Getting started is the first step to success so let’s cover the fundamentals at South Beach Bingo! This section covers everything from registration, logging in, bingo basics and account details such as referrals to redeeming your welcome bonus.

Why South Beach Bingo?

South Beach Bingo is the go to online bingo site for bingo enthusiasts from all over the world. We’ve packed everything you love about bingo into a simple and social online platform dedicated to provide the best bingo experience for everyone. We designed South Beach Bingo from the player’s perspective and simplified online bingo back to the roots of the game. Precise game play, fast response technology, huge rewards and timeless fun are integrated into South Beach Bingo to make each new day spend with us better than the last!

How do I register?

To get started at South Beach Bingo, you first need to register:

1.    Click the Free Sign-Up button on the home page.
2.    Enter the required information in the box that appears: 

a. First Name

b. Last Name

c. Email Address

d. Nickname

e. Password

3. Click on the Sign Me Up button. 

By clicking the Sign Me Up button, you agree with our Terms and Conditions and confirm you are over 18.

5.    Check your email for a confirmation notice. Open the email from South Beach Bingo and click on the pertaining link to activate your account.

How Do I Log In?

Logging in to South Beach Bingo is easy. Just follow these three steps from the home page:

1.    Enter your nickname.
2.    Enter the password you chose in the password field at the top of the page.
3.    Click the Log In button.

Do I Get a Welcome Bonus?

South Beach Bingo instantly rewards new members with a fruitful $25 FREE sign-up bonus right from the start. In addition, new members receive up to 2015% on their first three deposits!

Can I Play for Free?

Of course! Start playing from the moment you login! You will notice the $25 FREE sign-up bonus in your account as a welcome gift. Members benefit from even more ‘free-fun’ in our Free Room, open daily from 7AM to 6PM EST. The Free Room is a great place to increase your balance and is available to players who have less than a $5 account balance. Please note that the minimum deposit for playing on South Beach Bingo is $11.95 for the first 10 deposits, when funding your account via Credit, Debit or Pre-Paid cards. For deposits made via an online wallet, the minimum deposit is $25.

How Do I Start Playing Bingo?

First, check that you have a proper working internet connection then follow the steps below. Please contact our Customer Service team any time if you have questions while getting started. 

1.    Log in to your account by entering your nickname and password.
2.    You’ll automatically enter the South Beach Bingo lobby with all of our Bingo Rooms.
3.    Notice how each room has its own Chat Moderator, card costs, prizes and Jackpot amount. There’s also a time ticker that counts down to the exact moment the games begin. Select a room. The bingo room screen will load.
4.    Select the cards you’d like to buy and then click the Buy button on the bingo room screen. Choose the Quick Buy option for the computer to automatically select cards for you! 
5.    When the game begins, you will see your purchased cards. Customize the daubing in the Game Options tab. Select ON if you want the computer to daub for you or select OFF if you prefer to daub yourself. 
6.    The name of your game, your balance, your bingo bucks, the total prize, and the number of other players in the room is available in the upper left section of the screen. 
7.    A pop up window will appear when a player hits BINGO and your account will be automatically credited if you’re the winner. 

How Do I Modify My Account Details?

To modify your South Beach Bingo account details, log into your account and follow these steps:

1.    Select the small avatar image on the main South Beach Bingo page and choose Edit Profile.
2.    This screen gives you access to modify your profile details. Click on the Pencil icon in the top right to edit your details, and then click the Update button to save them. 

Can I Refer a Friend?

You earn 25% of the deposits from the friends you refer to South Beach Bingo ($0.25 for every $1.00 they deposit). You can refer as many people as you want and our referral program works like this:

1.    Log into your South Beach Bingo account and click on the Refer-a-Friend button featured at the bottom of the lobby homepage.
2.    Choose a method of sending your friend(s) their South Beach Bingo invitation(s). 
3.    Your friend(s) will receive an email inviting them to come and play at South Beach Bingo.
4.    Once they register and make a deposit at South Beach Bingo, you will receive a 25% bonus on their deposits for the next 120 days!

Also you get 50 VIP Stars when your friend successfully registers his/her account, plus 1000 VIP Stars when your friend makes their very first lifetime deposit.

Bingo VIP Program

Getting started is only half the fun at South Beach Bingo! Read on to learn how we use VIP Levels to reward our members as they progress through new bingo games and tournaments. 

Every new member joins South Beach Bingo at the Bingo Basic Level, by default. We will induct you to our VIP club upon making your first deposit or wager on any game. Once a VIP member you will start collecting VIP stars based on your on-site activity, wagers and more! The higher your VIP level, the more benefits you will receive. 

How Do I Move Up?

Collect as many stars as you can to advance to higher VIP levels. We advise every member at South Beach Bingo to review our chart to understand the benefits for each level. Learn how many stars are required to move up and remember, you will be automatically raised or lowered to levels based on your star count. Read more in the Stars Addition section. 

How Do I Move Down?

Don’t worry, there are many more ways to gain stars, but your account may also be discounted to a lower VIP level. Accounts with limited activity or no activity are most affected, and processed payouts result in a deduction of stars. Please review the Stars Deduction section.

What Is The Bingo Shop?

Use your Shop Coins to buy awesome products straight from the South Beach Bingo Shop! Our shop carries a huge selection of products for members to claim using Internet Shop Coins. Coins are the shop currency and each product has its own price, in coins. The availability of each product depends on the members coin count. Visit the Bingo Shop to learn more.  

Bingo Chat

We love shouting BINGO but we love to chat about it even more. That’s why we’ve integrated chat rooms into each of our online bingo rooms – the perfect way to make new friends and get the most out of online bingo. 

How Do I Join a Chat Game?

Once you’re logged into your South Beach Bingo account, just click on the Bingo Room of your choice! When the room loads, you will see the chat section automatically loaded on the screen. Simply click into the chat box, type your message and hit Send. Use the emoticons in the tab to spice up your chat. Choose the Options tab to change the size of the chat space. 

What Are Chat Games?

Chat Games are hosted by our Chat Moderators during bingo game play. Chat Games are a fun alternative way to win at South Beach Bingo and the payouts depend on the chat game.  Players who meet the eligible qualifications in the following sections can win rewards:

1. You are a depositing player.
2. You fit under the qualification rules.
3. You have won and claimed the Chat Games in question.

All chat game BBS are credited within 24 to 48 hours. For further information, please contact our

What Are the Chat Rules & Etiquette?

South Beach Bingo requires that all members adhere to the following chat etiquette guidelines and rules in order to guarantee a fun experience for everyone. 

•    NO impersonating another player in chat;
•    NO offensive, indecent or foul language;
•    NO harassment;
•    NO exchanging of personal information: full name, phone number, address, personal accounts created on social networks or any other websites;
•    It is strictly prohibited to contact or communicate with company personnel through any means other than the company's main communication channels. This measure is enforced in order to protect both the player and the company's personnel;
•    The nickname should be decent. If not so, Customer Service reserves the right to change it;
•    NO arguing or complaining. Complaints are handled by Customer Service only;
•    Players are not permitted to discuss their accounts, bonuses or balances;
•    Participants in chat are not allowed to promote third-party websites or activities;
•    Chat participants shall not use vulgar or threatening statements;
•    Participants in chat are not entitled to use racial, sexual or ethnic slurs;

Deposits & Payouts

Depositing and withdrawing funds to and from your account is easy at South Beach Bingo. Read the sections below to get familiar with the process and click here for additional information. 

How Do I Make a Deposit?

Once you are logged in, simply go to the lobby, then click on the Deposit button featured in the upper left side corner and select your preferred available Deposit Method. Please note that every transaction made to South Beach Bingo is processed in US Dollars.

How Do I Play for Real Money?

In order to play South Beach Bingo for real money, you must first open an account and deposit funds. Please consider that deposits are required to process and be approved before real money can be won. 

How Do I Request a Payout?

Players may withdrawal money from their bingo account when their payouts are eligible under the specific South Beach Bingo payout regulations. Please read our rules and regulations about bingo payouts and the various payment methods.

Can I Make Bonus Money Withdrawals?

Before requesting a payout and to increase your understanding of payout, please refer to our Free Bonus Rules

Help Center

Welcome To Our Chat

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or inquiries. Our helpful team is waiting to talk.

Click the button below to start a conversation with one of our Customer Support operators. 



South Beach Bingo F.A.Q.

South Beach Bingo is one of the most reputable online bingo websites in the industry that delivers a first class customer support experience, a variety of deposit options, prompt payouts and the best bingo games.

Winnings are always automatically awarded to your account when you have a winning card, in the event you get disconnected or experience a technical problem that might prevent you from completing the game.

Follow these simple steps to register and start playing:

1. Click on Free Sign-Up button on the home page.

2. Fill out these sections completely:

a. Account Information

b. Personal Details

c. Contact Details

3. Tick the box to agree to our Terms and Conditions and confirm you are over 18.

4. Click on the Join the Fun button.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail that enables you to activate your account. Now, you're all set and ready to play

South Beach Bingo greets you with an amazing Sign-up Bonus worth $25 FREE!

New players will also be rewarded with a kingly 2015% welcome deposit package:

500% bonus on your 1st deposit

700% bonus on your 2nd deposit

815% bonus on your 3rd one.

In order to benefit from these special Welcome Bonuses, all you need to do is create an account at South Beach Bingo.

Yes, you can. We offer a $25 Sign-Up Bonus for you to get a taste of our bingo games! You can also boost up your balance by playing in our Free Room – open from 7 AM to 6 PM EST.

The Free Room is available for free players - all players who haven't made a deposit yet - with less than $5 in their balance and deposit players - players who already made a deposit - with less than $5 in their balance. The minimum deposit on South Beach Bingo is $11, 95.

To update your account details you must be logged in your South Beach Bingo Account. Once you are logged in with your nickname and password, please follow these steps:

1. Click on the Avatar icon on the main page of the site to access Account Settings page;

2. Once all the required information is filled out, click on the Update Profile button, at the bottom of the Profile form.

Refer your friends to South Beach Bingo and earn 25% of their deposits! This means that for each $1 deposited by your friend, you get 25cfree! There is no limit as to how many people you can refer.

How to enter the referral program:

1. Click on the Refer a Friend button, available on the button of the page;

2. Choose your preferred manner of sending your friend(s) invite notifications to play at South Beach Bingo.

3. Your friend(s) will receive an email notifying them that you have invited them to play at South Beach Bingo. Wait for your friends to sign up on South Beach Bingo.

4. Once your friend(s) register(s) and deposit(s) on South Beach Bingo, you will then receive a 25% bonus for a period of 120 days.

Our VIP Program has been created with the purpose of rewarding our members for their loyalty.

Every player who registers at South Beach Bingo is instantly integrated in the Default Level - the Bingo Basic Level. As soon as you make your first deposit and first wager in any of our bingo and other games, you are automatically enrolled in our VIP Club. From that point on, you will start earning stars based on activity, wager, updated documents and much more!

Players with higher VIP levels earn higher bonuses on all deposits and other extra benefits. Here, at South Beach Bingo, we have 11 VIP levels. Visit our VIP section in order to find out more about this great program!

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