Our Loyalty Program

South Beach Bingo VIP Club

Our Comp Reward Program

South Beach Bingo VIP Program has been created with the sole purpose of rewarding players who have been loyal to our site. The more you stick around, the better deposit and chat bonuses you will get.

As soon as you make your first deposit and first wager in ANY of our games, you are automatically enrolled in our South Beach Bingo VIP Club. From that point on, you will start earning stars based on activity, wager, updated documents and so much more! A higher level means a higher deposit bonus per deposit made, so click here in order to login and read more about what perks each level has to offer.

All players who register at South Beach Bingowill be in the default level, which is Bingo Basic Level. As soon as you make a deposit and make your first wager in any of our games, you will automatically enroll in this program. Our complete roster of Bingo games, our huge variety of Slots and Video Poker machines or our fun Pull Tabs games, it doesn't matter what your preference is; as you wager in any of them you accumulate stars to ascend through our levels.

The faster you earn stars, the less time it will take you to start getting huge depositing specials. Players at higher VIP levels earn higher bonuses on all deposits guaranteed. Each wager you make contributes to getting you closer to a higher VIP level. At SouthBeachBingo we offer our players 11 VIP levels, which are as follows:

VIP Level Stars Needed
Bingo Basic 0 stars
Bingo Rookie 1,000 stars
Bingo Steel 2,500 stars
Bingo Bronze 4,500 stars
Bingo Silver 7,000 stars
Bingo Gold 10,000 stars
Bingo Platinum 25,000 stars
Bingo Prince/ Princess 50,000 stars
Bingo King/ Queen 100,000 stars
Bingo Champion 175,000 stars
Bingo Master 275,000 stars

How do I gather stars?

You will gather stars on each game you play. Please use the table below as a reference as to how many USD you must wager in order to obtain ONE star on each types of games we offer. Please take into account that the table below changes periodically depending on how much activity there has been over the past 4 months. If activity has been higher, then it will take more Dollars per star on that given game; if less, it will take fewer stars per dollar.

Game Type Amount to Wager for one Star
Bingo $15
Slots $80
Video Poker $80
Keno $80
Pull Tabs $15
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