Getting Started

We require that you read and understand the rules and operating procedures before playing at South Beach Bingo.


In order to properly register you must provide us with correct information about yourself.
Please note that South Beach Bingo will mail payout requests to players using the information given to us at the time of registration. If your information changes please contact our customer support team and we will update your records.

We cannot be held responsible for difficulties encountered by players who use incorrect information. In order to properly sign up for South Beach Bingo you must complete our registration form.
We require the following information from you:

  • Mailing address
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Selection of a nickname of your choice (this is the name people will see when you are chatting and when you win a game. This is different than your Account ID)

You DO NOT have to provide us with any financial or credit card information at the time of registration.
You may only register with South Beach Bingo once. We recommend that you write down your Account ID and password in a safe place. South Beach Bingo is not responsible if this information is shared with other users. If you forget your password, please use the "forgot your password" link on the home page and we will email your password to the email address you provided when you registered. South Beach Bingo has a strict privacy policy. We will never sell your information to a third party. View our complete Privacy Policy.

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Submit Registration

After you have completed the registration form and pressed the submit button South Beach Bingo will generate a unique Account ID for you.
An email with this information will be sent to the email address you provided on the registration form. Your Account ID is used to uniquely identify you to the system. Your password can be changed as often as you like in the Player's area. We recommend you change your password on a regular basis.

** Please remember that all passwords are case sensitive so you must type in all capital or lowercase letters.
For security reasons, you will need your Account ID and password information every time you want to play South Beach Bingo or administer your Player Account.

The next step is to fund your account. South Beach Bingo is a pay game and thus requires you to fund your Player Account so that you can buy bingo cards. The minimum purchase for players is $25.
South Beach Bingo currently allows you to fund your account by Visa, MasterCard, Certified Check and Western Union. Other payment options may be available soon.
For payment options details, click here.

**We are always offering players bonuses when they purchase, please check out promotions page for our latest specials.

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Play @ South Beach Bingo!

Congratulations on becoming a South Beach Bingo member!
As a registered South Beach Bingo member, you are now ready to play South Beach Bingo for Real Cash Prizes! To play at South Beach Bingo, simply log into your account. You will be taken directly to our games page, which will provide you with several different games to choose from. Click on the game you would like to play and the game will begin loading immediately.

Once you are connected, you can immediately log on to any of our chat rooms. If a game is in progress you will see a timer at the top of the page and will have to wait until the next game begins. You can select and purchase a card(s) if you have entered your login information correctly and have an active account with adequate funds to purchase.

Select cards by clicking on the cards that you want to purchase. Initially the South Beach Bingo game server randomly selects game cards for you. You may choose to decline the default game cards and select different ones by clicking the get more cards button. You may continue to click the get more cards button until you find one(s) that you like. When you find a card(s) that you want to play, just press the BUY button.

Alternatively, you can exit and pay nothing. Once you have purchased a card(s) we cannot refund or credit your account for any reason whatsoever unless you are unable to complete the game because of a technical difficulty caused by the program. In all cases, we will be monitoring the game to ensure that it is performing properly.

Deposit Funds into your Player Account

As a registered player you can "recharge" your Player Account at any time by navigating to our Players Area. Our e-commerce web pages are secured web pages and utilize industry standard SSL security and encryption protocols.

Therefore, all of our financial transactions on these pages use this secured transaction protocol and provide for maximum safety from external fraud and theft of your credit card and other related information.

To recharge your player account with cash funds just fill in all of the required fields. When all of the fields have been entered correctly just click on the 'submit' transaction button and cash funds will be verified (this should take less than 1 minute). Once funds are verified, they are deposited into your account.

If the credit card transaction is not completed, or is subject to a charge back for any reason at all, your agreement with us is null and void and any player activity, including any winnings can be withheld by South Beach Bingo until all outstanding issues have been resolved. For this reason, we may delay payout requests for transactions in question.

All financial transactions are processed through our parent company: Winward Hall Ltd NSC Campus, Cork, Mahon Co., Ireland. (Bingo Hall Gaming Group, Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica)
"We kindly ask you to print each transaction details before submitting".

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Collect your Winnings

Your Winnings Jackpot prizes are deposited directly into a Player's Account every time a player wins our game. For games where there is more than one winner (multiple simultaneous winners) the jackpots are shared evenly amongst all the winners of a game.

NOTE: Under no circumstances will the South Beach Bingo issue payment from a winner's account to an address other than which corresponds to the address in the player's registration information. Please note that players may cash out winnings only. Good luck to all the players and we hope that you will enjoy playing South Beach Bingo!

Security Information

All players are entered with player identification numbers and a system assigned Player ID access-codes. Registration is done via the Internet and credit card details are securely submitted on heavily encrypted pages. The complete player register is stored on a computer separated from the Internet. Our WWW-Server supports the SSL protocol for encrypted communications between South Beach Bingo players and the credit card transaction system.

Another security measure is that we register each player IP address. Although we cannot rely on this information, it is possible to become aware of sudden changes in playing behavior, which can indicate that a player's membership number and access-code may have been compromised. Please note that in the event that you notice changes to you player account status, you must e-mail us immediately so we can investigate. This ability in no way obligates the South Beach Bingo Corporation to investigate this kind of abnormality.

The harm an intruder can do if the intruder manages to break an access-code is limited to using the access-code for playing only. The access-code cannot be used for revealing the credit card number or other sensitive information.

The games are subjected to strict supervision. Government approved and internationally recognized independent custodians have been appointed by The South Beach Bingo Corporation as are required by the Internet Gambling Commission.

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