Chat Etiquette

Chat Room Etiquette

It is nice to welcome a new player into the chat room. If you are an experienced user, you can share some of your experiences with them. Before jumping into our chat room, we ask our players to follow these simple rules to make everyoneís chatting experience the best ever. Should you need to report someone who doesn't follow these rules or is way out of line, feel free to report this to a CM right away. If there is no CM present at the room, you can contact us directly.

  1. Respect: Everyone likes to be respected. When you respect other players and CMís you will get that respect back as well.
  2. Writing: Please don't use capital letters for writing as the Chat Monitors are the only ones that should use them as well as writing in red. This way they differentiate themselves from other players so that you wonít miss important instructions and messages provided by the CM. Caps are sometimes also considered as rude.
  3. Screen name: When choosing your screen name, be sure it is an appropriate one. A humorous name for you might be offensive or of bad taste to someone else in the chat room.
  4. Complaining: When you win, itís ok to be happy about it and share your joy. Be courteous and refrain from complaining when other players are winning and you are not. Think about how it could hurt your feelings if someone complains when you win and they donít. Also, we ask all our players to refrain from complaining in the chat rooms regarding anything related to the games as this creates a negative environment. This does not mean that we do not want to hear what you have to say but we consider that all complains should be addressed to the right department, in order to solve your problems. So we would kindly ask you to address your complaints to our Customer Support Staff and we will assure you that they will be more than happy to help you. Do not forget, the chat room is to add more fun to your playing experience!
  5. Questions: If someone has a question, let the CM take care of it. If other players answer the question, it might lead to confusion and result in no answer at all. The CM is there to answer your questions as well. If you need help with something, please use our Help Desk. In order to have the appropriate assistance, the right channel needs to be used.
  6. False rumors: If you are experiencing any difficulty with a purchase or a bonus being credited, please refer to the Help Desk section. Itís better to handle this kind of situation privately rather than making it public by complaining or spreading false rumors in the chat room.
  7. Discrimination, Harassing and Vulgarity: Do not use discriminating language such as racist insults, sexual comments and swearing. Harassment, vulgar or threatening statements are not allowed when chatting. We want to keep a healthy playing environment for every player and these may spoil the experience for everyone involved in the chat room.
  8. Arguing: Rooms are to make friends and have fun while playing, not to argue. If you have any complaints, please refer to our support team via email, phone or live chat. You can find the contact info at the ďContact UsĒ tab above.
  9. Comps: Avoid asking other players for funds or transfers and do not reveal your balance in the chat room. Revealing or discussing your account details or asking any other player to reveal details such as balance, funds, received bonuses or special offers you benefit from is not allowed under any circumstance.
  10. Promoting other sites: When you are in our chat rooms, please donít advertise or endorse any other sites.
  11. Social Networks: Players privacy is important. Please donít post instant messaging names, IDís or email address in the chat rooms. You must also refrain from contacting our Staff through any instant messaging program.
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